About Us

The Eastleigh Breast and Women’s Health Centre in Pretoria, South Africa had a humble beginning in May 2001, when a specific need for South African women was realised. At that stage there was no dedicated women’s Breast Care centre in South Africa and mammography services were managed in general radiology departments of hospitals and private radiology practices as an added side line…

After visiting and working in overseas Breast Care Centres of excellence, I returned and established such a centre focussing on Breast and Women’s Health in Pretoria South Africa.

Visiting our centre, a woman can be sure to receive specialised care regarding breast disease, breast cancer detection and management in a specialised team approach. Breast tumours are detected and diagnosed by Mammography screening, ultrasound and core needle biopsy. Once confirmed by histology, all breast cancer cases are then seen by a surgeon, oncology practitioner and the radiologist together in a team for a round table discussion. The treatment options are then discussed.

This is the best method to manage breast cancer  and this also inspire confidence in the women and reassure her that she will not be subject to individual doctor’s preferences for financial interests.

Our mission is not only early detection, optimal treatment and saving breasts through breast conserving methods, but also giving second opinions and general women’s  health advice through our Nutrition Coaching Centre.

This holistic and multidisciplinary team approach to Breast and Women’s Health is unique in South Africa.

  • 20 000 patients on file
  • ±1600 current breast cancer patients



This is performed by registered radiographers with specialised training in mammography techniques. The sensitivity, empathy and consideration of the radiographer will exceed all expectations and the procedure will be painless.


All breast patients undergo a high definition (12 MHz) sonar of the breast by the radiologist, personally (included in the mammogram fee). Ultra sound of abdomen , soft tissue, and Doppler studies are available.

Intervention Procedures

Fine needle aspirations, breast core biopsies and tattoo localisations are often done by radiologist, Dr Alwyn Carstens.

X-Ray Examinations

The essential examinations appropriate to the breast, skeleton, and chest are available.

Bone Density Measurements

A state of the art GE Prodigy machine is used for BMD of the spine and hips, with whole body fat composition and LVA capabilities. Algorithms to accommodate all other makes of BMD machines are used for trending whenever a patient has been previously examined on another make of BMD apparatus.

Accounting Policy

Medical aid tariffs apply.  Patients are informed about the tariff for the procedure when booking an appointment.  Payment is required after the procedure and a specified account is handed to the patient in order for them to claim from his / her medical insurance.  The correct procedures and diagnostic codes, as specified by the medical aids are used on the accounts.  Patients without medical aid cover pay the same reduced medical aid tariffs on the day of the procedure.

Patients already registered with an Oncology Fund, with a valid number, will be given an account to be sent in to their fund, themselves.

On prior request, a patient’s financial situation can be evaluated and if possible, will be accommodated.