About the book

Correct decisions in life can only be made after in- depth research of the relevant topic, which is based on information and education.

During 40 years in medical practice, I realized that many patients made wrong choices due to lack of knowledge and information. Often the patient finds it difficult, often impossible, to lay hands on the right information to lead the way to the right answers. Medical information is mostly inaccessible to lay people due to medical (often Latin) terminology, exuberant descriptions and long arguments and trial results. Most trials are done by and paid by Pharmaceutical companies and designed to prove a point to be able to market a product. Unfortunately  the results are often biased towards monetary gain and ignores the patient’s wellbeing and health. The strength of a medical argument  often dependents on how much money is put into advertising, how prominent the reporter is or whether there is reward for what is said.

These factors make it very difficult for the patient to differentiate  truth about health decisions from marketing for monetary gain.

With this short and practical booklet, I wish to supply women with knowledge and information regarding common breast problems and decision-making.

This is not meant to be a detailed scientific explanation of every possible entity or disease.

Particularly, it is not meant to treat or take over treatment of any patient with breast disease. Each and every patient’s case must always be managed individually according to many specific factors and circumstances.Readers will however identify a golden thread that runs through the chapters of this book:

References to Medical Journals and Trials are given whenever a statement or advice could be contrary to what you were told or lead to believe. This will always be a confirmation to my scientific reasoning but references are used sparingly as it could distract the reader. Most of the topics are also discussed  at, the website of The Eastleigh Breast Care Centre in Pretoria, South Africa.

Happy reading!! Dr. Alwyn Carstens.